Fresh New Artist Jaime Quintino is radio ready with his new single “Right By My Side”

Jaime Quintino is an Alabama born, self-made singer/songwwriter. He has always had a passion for music ever since being a little kid but growing up in a hispanic household, he always thought that “hispanic” music was the only kind of music there was. It wasn’t until he started Elementary School that he realized there was way more music to be introduced to and having been enrolled into his first music class, where he learned how to play the recorder, that he realized that music was actually not just one sound. In that music class he was also learned more in depth about “singing” in which he was also introduced to the song “Don’t Stop Believing” which sparked his interest in learning more about music because that was the very first time he heard an actual song that had nothing to do with hispanic culture. Later down the line he started doing research and was introduced to so much more artists and music. He found himself discovering artist like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and his soon to become favorite, Ariana Grande. He had become so moved and inspired and realized that music to him was very healing and a kind of “safe place”. Growing up, he didn’t have much and it was hard to get by sometimes. His parents relationship wasn’t the best and he was in his own little world most of the time, where people weren’t as cruel. Music helped him a lot growing up and he knows how it feels to be alone so he hopes his music will make people happy and empowered to be themselves.




I am a Toronto based creative/digital marketer who has a deep passion for music and art.

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Myles Kofi Fynn-Aggrey

Myles Kofi Fynn-Aggrey

I am a Toronto based creative/digital marketer who has a deep passion for music and art.

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